5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good
5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

Social media is a means of communicating online using websites and applications.

You can get the needed attention from people through the use of social media. The social media is an effective tool is being used in passing information across to people and includes social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+. Social media is used by businesses in the promotion of their products or services and can also be used by charity organizations to create awareness for the main purpose of providing assistance to those desperately in need. Social Media can be used for good and the ways on how this can be achieved are stated here.

1. Networking

Networking is all about creating contacts in a similar organization and exchanging information. There is the need to create relationships or grow your network and social media can be able used to achieve that purpose by ensuring that people with the common interest of saving lives or helping the needy are brought together on the same platform.

2. Creating Awareness

In order to use social media for a common good, awareness needs to be created for projects, missions and events that will promote the essence of providing assistance to the needy. Events that need to be organized can be posted on social media like Facebook and this can also be used in determining the number of people that have decided to attend.

More awareness can be created through the posting of success stories showing how donors’ funds have been used and through an emphasis on stories that will raise people’s compassion into giving for a good cause.

3. Donations

It becomes easy to get donations from people once awareness has been created online using social media. You can use social media to make donations online and connect to donors. The social media enables you to reach a large number of people worldwide with the aim of achieving a common goal.

Crowdfunding is a means of raising money online through social media. Crowdfunding has been very effective as people use this means of a campaign to get donations from people from a diverse background using social media.

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4. Appreciation

Donors or investors who have adequately contributed to the success of different projects need to be appreciated and this can be done by sending messages appreciating them for the financial assistance provided via social media. Social media can be used to send these messages to them for the efforts made in the assistance provided. It can also be seen as a means of giving back to those on the social media platform who have contributed profusely to the success of the various projects.

5. Feedback

When using a social media platform for a good cause, it is important to conduct surveys or polls after the success of any project. This becomes imperative so that you can know how to make necessary improvement from feedbacks generated from surveys or polls conducted online. Gathering information through feedback can aid in making projects done on social media platforms a success.


Social media is an important tool that is being used for a good cause and it takes creativity to be able to come up with an idea that will ensure its success. Social media should be used properly in order to achieve the desired goal and promote its success. To be successful in the campaign for financial assistance depends on how effective social media is used.

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