5 solutions for you to help with your debt problem

How to get help with my debt problem?5 solutions here for you

The dreaded D word. We may fear it, we may try to get away from it, but reality may come crashing to us, and by the time we realize it, we are in a debt that we cannot pay off and all you can think is “I need help”. So what can we do about it? How to get help? These are the help you can try to get if you are in debt.

5 solutions for solving your debt problem

1. Government Aid

First, you need to check for the aids that are readily offered by your government. This information sometimes is not readily available unless someone is actively looking for it. A silly reality, but the discussion as to why things are the way they are is for a different day. Financial help may involve:

  • Aid for single mothers
  • Aid for the disabled
  • Aid for senior citizens
  • Childcare for low-income households
  • Aid from Religious constitutions
The main page of the Malaysian Wellfare Department website

Try to google for your government’s finacial aid, if they are available. Keywords like “government financial aid” or “social welfare” is a good keyword to start searching.

2. Financial tools

This is another way for you to get money in a pinch. These methods include things like Personal loans or credit cards. However, there is an ironic caveat to this method, these tools are less available to you the worse your financial situation is. This ring true to loans.

However, if this tool is available to you, it might help you with some reprieve for your current debt situation.

3. Side Hustles

Uber also created Uber Eats for food delivery, credit to engadget

When you think “I need help”, sometimes you first need to help yourself first. Consider taking side jobs like part-time jobs that can relieve you from the burden of your debt. Recently we also saw the advent of personal jobs like Uber driving business that you can try (provided that you have a car). Nowadays, in this digital age, there are also many ways you can make money online, and we have compiled some of the ways here!

4. Selling stuff

Sometimes, you must learn to let go. As depressing as it might be, you may have to start to sell some things that you do not actually need. Appraisal shops or even thrift shops are a good place to start to sell your belongings. Like the previous point, nowadays you can also sell things online through sites like eBay. Start cleaning your house from things that you do not need, like how the charming Marie Kondo suggests.

5. Start to rely on others, like donations

This point will be controversial. Most people will try not to rely on others, thinking that the debt situation happened because of their own carelessness. But we believe that in times like this, it does not hurt to speak out, even just explaining to the ones close to us. Start trusting. Start relying on close ones. There is no shame in doing so, as there is only so much a single person can do. Even if not close acquaintances, maybe you could even rely on others through donations, online or offline.

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