5 Ways on how Social Media can be used for Good

The advantages and disadvantages of social media

Social media development

The development of social media is rapidly growing in various ways, it has been supported by the existence of the internet and the presence of information and communication technology in this modern era. Social Media itself is a group of Internet-based applications that build on the basis of ideology and web technology, that allow the creation and exchange.

There are various kinds of social media that popular such as blogs, facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Wechat and many more. Most of the people know and use these popular social media. Almost every time, everywhere, in daily life, our activity is inseparable from social media. Social media is easy to use and access, it reaches users beyond age, nationality and gender. It is used worldwide. People use it for communication purpose, gain information, looking for jobs, business purpose and still many more!

The advantages of social media

If we look of the function and role of social media it turns out that it is very wide, social media is a practical choice in carrying out the delivery or reception of information between users. This certainly invites or should awaken every user to find the optimal benefits that can be learned to fill the needs of the user. To simply it, there are several advantages of social media:

  • Social media can help someone to create a profile and then be able to connect with other users. With this benefit, users can communicate beyond the distance, creating friendship beyond the country. And this will make you have a broader point of view by the different culture.
    • Some examples are facebook, twitter, airtripp and Instagram. That application is used worldwide, by sharing news, picture, or video, the users are from several countries can talk and comment freely with each other.
  • With social media, you can conduct your idea, creativity, and giving your opinion on recent issues. In this era also, many government departments create and manage their official social media account, the community can give their ideas so as to encourage/support the implementation of government policy.
  • Easy to get information. With the social media, they must be several groups, several people that sometimes post and share the recent news, issues that recently happening or fact that needed to know. This will help you faster to know and keep on up to date what in this world happened without watching the news.
  • Social media can open the door for companies as opportunities and their business interests. Because social media is used worldwide by everyone, some companies or even individuals take advantage to sell their products, to spread their business to be known worldwide, also doing marketing research for their business purpose.
  • Social media can help you with your social activities and helping others! Recently, there are many campaigns on social media to help others who are in need. In times of disaster, many communities raised funds to help the victims. There are many ways they do such as inviting people through social media and gather them together to do charity events or raising funds through online sites, such as Kickstarter, Gofundme, airfunding, etc.

By that kind of explanation, many people use social media to help each other, support each other and show their dream. There is a case of Bianca Sarah from Brazil that used airfunding platform to raise funds and succeeded in bringing her mother back from Pakistan to Brazil.

There is a case too that social media will influence us to be willing to explore a new destination, local or even abroad. One example is Thuy that came from Vietnam who has a dream to visit her friend in Japan. She used airfunding to raise funds, and she got support through her SNS friends and any person who is willing to help her realize her dream.

The disadvantages of social media

Besides the advantages, social media also have some disadvantages that we should know, such as:

  • Social media is also often misused by some parties to spread gossip and even unclear news (hoaxes). Through social media also not a few people are cheated and slandered.
  • Social media can affect the name of the company. We must be careful about what we post about in social media. If we do some slight mistake, it can make the reputation and image of a company or individual became bad.
  • Gather money in a bad way. Before start doing fundraising online, we should know how to choose a good crowdfunding platform and how to start fundraising. Because in this modern era, there are various ways a bad person will scam and cheat.
  • Social media can affect your daily life. Sometimes social media is like a drug, that we are always seeking. We should be careful how much we access it, if not it will affect our daily activities or even working time.
Social Media

Everything in moderation

Social media can affect your daily life. Sometimes social media is like a drug, that we always seeking. We should be careful how much we access it, if not it will affect our daily activities or even working time.

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