When you are unemployed , you can do 5 things

When you are unemployed , you can do 5 things

What to do when you are unemployed?

As we know, today’s economic situation is very tough. Indirectly, it has made people incredibly difficult to find a job. Basically, many people have been in this situation where living at home having just graduated, or we can say unemployed. Most of the fresh graduated who unemployed will stay awake all night watching dramas, playing video games and wake up in the middle of the afternoon the next day and repeating that process while waiting for a job offer.

Why waste your time with the unbeneficial things, while there are many things you can do to improve yourself. Think about it this way: This is the only time where you are actually free from work and you can do things that you would not have time to once you start working! Here are some things you can do to improve yourself while waiting for that permanent job.

Five things to do when you are unemployed

1. Start a small business

Small Business, Credit to Canada Startups

Why don’t you start to make a small business? Especially recently with the internet, websites like Lowyat and Lazada provide you with a platform to products and make some quick money. But, doing business may require some funds. You may get that needed funds by making a loan or even start crowdfunding. Starting a business is very rewarding, especially if you think about the future prospect of businesses. Hey, you might not even need that job if you are doing well with your business!

2. Learn new skills

Skills, Credit Image GIATMARA

Why not learn some extra skills? There are various agencies (Hani Prime Skill Academy, GIATMARA, INSEP, Institute of Technology) that provide short term courses that can enhance the skills of students based on the interest and aspirations that they want to pursue like culinary, hairdressing and cosmetology, designing, hospitality, computer skills and more. Indirectly, your skills and certificate can build up your resume that may make your job hunt easier.

3. Part time jobs

Part time job, Credit Image Worakble

Rather than doing nothing, why not make some money? Part-time jobs can help you make extra money on the side to gaining valuable work experience. If you are lucky, the experience you gained from the job can further improve your resume and ease the job searching process. Well, unless its job like flipping burgers. Hey, that can help too if you are pursuing a culinary career!

4. Freelance


While you waiting to get a permanent job, you can do a side job online. As improvements in technology and the birth of social media have ushered in a new wave of such online jobs that are actually legitimate. Websites that offer job posting include Freelancer.com, Upwork, Guru provides many online jobs as a translator, virtual assistant, data entry and more. It might help to provide links to the work you want to pursue.

5. Volunteer Jobs

5 Ways Volunteer In Malaysia You Should Know

This is an excellent way to use the extra time when you are unemployed. Many benefits you can get by doing volunteering. It can help you reduce stress, find many friends, connecting with the community, learning new skills, and even advance your career. The more you volunteer, the more benefits you will experience.

There are many things you can do to improve yourself. Why don’t you fulfil your time by doing these beneficiaries things despite enhancing the skills? However, don’t ever give up in applying for a permanent job because this extra time or gap possibly give you a chance to grow as a person and also as a member of society.

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