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Top 11 online donation platform is the best for me

5 things to consider when choosing an online donation platform

  1. Type of fundraiser
  2. Features and performance
  3. Trust
  4. Customer support
  5. Fees

We have compiled thoroughly these points in an article we posted before!

which online donation platform is the best?

So you plan to start using an online donation platform. But which ones are the best? There are so many crowdfunding platforms for you to choose, depending on regions, payment system, security, and more.

It all depends totally on your preference. However, to help you with the decision, we have compiled some sites that we have found on the internet.


donation platform

Qgiv pride itself in offering services more than just an online donation platform. The service also offers tools that give the user more freedom in creating their own projects. Like they have written in their blog: “From peer-to-peer software to mobile giving, Qgiv can supply your organization with all the online donation tools you need to raise more money and engage donors in convenient, exciting ways.”

2. Mightycause (formerly Razoo)

donation platform

3. Fundly

donation platform

4. Kickstarter

One of the sites that started the trend of donating online for others. Kickstarter is first and foremost focused on entrepreneurs to get funding for their ideas. Find creative inventions for you to donate money too, or present your own!

5. Kiva

donation platform

Kiva is an online donation site with a twist: the many that you donate will be returned to you later. It is more of a loan to help people in need. You can find myriad of type of projects to be funded here.

6. GofundMe

donation platform

Then we have the other site that arguably started this whole online donation trend. GofundMe might be the biggest online donation platform out there. However, some might find it a shame that this site is not available to most countries not from the western hemisphere.

7. Give.Asia

donation platform

As we can see from the title, this site is focused on Asia, especially Singapore. For people in Asia who always wanted to be involved in Online donation, we recommend this site for you!

8. Catarse

donation platform

Next, we have an online donation site for our Latin-based readers! This online donation service is based in Brazil, and it has been focusing on helping people from that region.

9. Ideame

donation platform

Another site focused on Latin users, its tagline is “La plataforma latina de financiamiento colectivo”, or loosely translated as “The Latin collective financing platform”. You can also have a look at this site if you want to base your donation project in Latin America.

10. Airtripp Funding

donation platform

Our very own Online donation, specifically crowdfunding platform! Using it is free, and the usage is not limited to any country. The average project scale is small, meaning usually projects need around $1,500 at most.

11. Campfire

donation platform

Finally, Campfire is a Japanese based online donation site. However, this online donation site is more focused on ideas like Kickstarter, so expect inventions and projects to cover most of the projects in this site.


Full disclaimer, this list does not even touch the surface of all of the online donation sites that is available nowadays! This list serves as a guide to help you to start researching any sites that serve your purpose the best. All the best in starting your own online donation project!

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