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4 Success Stories of Crowdfunding in Malaysia

Crowdfunding in Malaysia

We have discussed before on the Crowdfunding history in Malaysia, however, is it all sunshine and rainbows? Surely there must be bad examples too? Especially if you look at the examples you have in Indiegogo, Kickstarter or GoFundMe. As are most things, in recent years there are both good and bad examples of crowdfunding projects in Malaysia. Let’s go with the good stories first:

 Crowdfunding in Malaysia

Success stories of Malaysian Crowdfunding

1. Tengku Zafrul, and his Charity Run

Tengku Zafrul is the CEO of the CIMB group, a group of one of the banks in Malaysia. However, despite the heavy burden of leading a bank, he still wishes to help the 20,000 children in Malaysia who needs treatment for critical illness at any given time. So he set a goal of MYR 10,000, and he even offered to further pay the amount collected from his own pocket to “sweeten the deal”!

Little did he know, that by the end of the campaign, he has successfully collected a whooping MYR 203,459! He gave an update on 1st March 2016, stating “…please accept my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your support. I hope we will always remember to give back to the world we live in, however we can.”

2. Peisy, and her waste-free paper products

Hailing from Penang, Peisy combined her passion for the nature and traditional “Kampung” lifestyle of Malaysia, and also art. Her plan was to create paper products like note cards, bookmarks, and journal using palm-paper, that is “100% biodegradable, is not bleached, has a rougher texture with a very natural look, and is a great alternative to using pulp made from tree timber as it uses no timber fibres from the Oil Palm Tree itself”, rather than normal paper.

Furthermore, she also took the opportunity to promote her friend’s art too, by also providing oil artwork printed on her palm-tree papers to any contributors who pledged to her project. By the end of her project, she garnered $10,150 from 152 backers, exceeding her initial goal of $8,500

3. Boey, and his comic about his childhood memories

This charming project is as simple as the title implies, he wants to make a comic/documentary about his life, and if you look at this sample comic from the link we provided you will be delighted to know the artstyle really fits with the story he is trying to tell.

And that sentiment probably resounded with many people who appreciate nostalgic, cute stories about childhood, as his initial goal of $7,800 was met with a total of $8,239 in pledges with 112 backers!

4. Zatashah & Aubry, and their charity run

Zatasha and Aubry, also like Tengku Zafrul, also worked for Make-A-Wish Malaysia and plan to run for charity. Since Zatashah and Aubry work as a team, they ran for two separate marathons to double the punch, with Zatashah running for a 3km marathon while Aubry ran a whooping 21km for a half marathon.

Lo and behold, by the end of the project, they managed to get 231%

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