Maryam’s Success crowdfunding story: I want to record a CD with my poems!

Maryam’s Success Crowdfunding story: I want to record a CD with my poems!

Maryam, a talented and artistic woman from Nigeria has a dream to record a CD poems which is written and recited from the bottom of her heart. Her dream has been successful after she used crowdfunding with the support from her friends on Airtripp Funding.

She wants to express and convey her poems to encourage Nigerian women. She said being a Nigerian woman was not an easy thing and many challenges they have been faced in her country. They are not encouraged to study or work. In fact, a girl is married off at an early age. They only depend solely on her husband to take care of the family. Most times, such marriage failed as a result of frustration and illiteracy.

Crowdfunding allows people who have the ability but no money to achieve their goals.

She can record a CD with her poems on cancrowdfunding websites
She can record a CD with her poems on can crowdfunding websites

Maryam has been writing poems for 6 years. She is experienced and talented in poetry. This is her biggest dream for delivering her words and voices from her heart to be heard to the women in Nigeria.

She said that publishing a book is complicated in this modern era. So, that’s why she thought a different way to spread her words. She wants to use her talent by recording a CD poems and promoting it via streaming services so the listeners can hear it everywhere. The probability of her poems to encourage Nigerian Women was a high potential. In the future, she would like to become a recognized poetry in her country and encourage women to take power.

Fundraising tips:She found a platform that would help her to do the good fundraising proposal on Airtripp Funding.

Maryam’s Success crowdfunding story is a good case for micro donation platform
Maryam’s Success crowdfunding story is a good case for micro donation platform

However, the obstacles for this woman to achieve her dream is the recording expenses. But, that wasn’t the end for her to chase as soon as she found a platform that would help her pursue a dream on Airtripp Funding. She expressed her story at that platform and puts all the information. She needed support from her friends at Airtripp Funding which is $ 620.00 for her recording CD poems expenses. Surprisingly, she earned more than what she expected which is $ 875.00 from the supports of Airtripp Funding’s companion.

From the funds she managed to earn, she would like to record the CD poems before Christmas, as there are many festivals will be held in her country. So, it is a great opportunity for her to showcase her poems and perform her spoken words.

Finally, her dream has been achieved as a result of the support from her Airtripp Funding’s friends. She was very grateful and thankful so that she can encourage the women on her country through his poems. Hopefully, Maryam will be known as the famous poetry one day. If you also have your dreams that have not been achieving yet, you can also try crowdfunding at Airtripp Funding as this platform always gives you an opportunity to raise funds easily. So do not forget to share this article with your friends who might gain benefit from it on Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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