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4 ways to Make Money to Study Abroad

How to make money to study abroad?

Studying abroad is the most valuable experiences for a college student. Beside to enhance your academic learning and develop your skills, studying abroad can give you the opportunity to explore the world and make many friends from all around the world with different culture, linguistic and background. It is also great to put this experience on a resume. So, it is no wonder students are lining up to study abroad.

However, these experiences do not come cheap. Costs of studying abroad cost a lot of money. Unless you are from a very wealthy family, many people regardless of actual academic skill have trouble to get the opportunity to study abroad.

make money to study abroad

4 ways to make money

So what to do? There are so many students not know how to earn money to survive in other countries when they are studying abroad. Here are some great ways to earn money to grab this opportunity studying abroad. Let’s have a look at some of these ways in this article that may help you to achieve your dream study abroad!


There are many foundations and companies out there which offer an overseas scholarship to students who want to study abroad. Firstly, you have to make a list first all the latest scholarships offered by private universities and colleges.

These information can be found easily with a quick Google search. After that get the details about the study level, amount, deadline and more. After applying, you might be chosen on the selection process including common interview questions.

Of course, the biggest hurdle of acquiring is getting the grades to qualify for the actual scholarship. Remember when the teacher told you to study hard during high school? Well do heed that advice, and just remember at the end of day you may have a chance to get that sweet scholarship!

2. Education Loan

If you are unable to obtain a scholarship, another option would be to get an education loan to study abroad. However, as its name implies, they can saddle you with the burden of the loan to repay back. If you want to make an educational loan, you have to choose wisely on any other agency that offers the educational loan.

But there is no problem for you to make the educational loan if you know how to manage your money in term of education fee, housing expenses, and any other expenses. The tips for those who want to apply for the educational loan is you have to read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises in the future. Lastly, please don’t forget to repay back after graduate.

3. Part-Time Job

If you don’t want to be stress over the abundance of the loan or you can’t afford to apply for the loan, you may find the part-time job. There are many applications that provide a part-time job in an easy way. You can choose either you want to work near your area or just working online at your home.

The location, vacancies, company rating, and salary are provided in that application. You can discover the job that fits your skills and interest. It may take time and energy to make money but it helps you to generate side income to study abroad. Also, the experience can be a plus next time you are applying for work, and if you are fortunate, even when applying for a scholarship!

4. Crowdfunding

Finally, when all else fails, you can always rely on help from other people. And what better way to ask for help with a crowdfunding platform!

Crowdfunding is a coined term, merging the words “crowd” and “funding”, and it is a platform where through the connection of the internet it allows an individual or a group of them to ask for assistance or to achieve dreams by allowing contributions in the form of funds from other individuals who are willing to help.

You can use crowdfunding to fundraise your dream to study abroad. Just make sure that you have a legit reason to make people want to support your dream. People won’t help you just because you are lazy to find methods to pay your study fees. Also, some crowdfunding platforms can only be used in certain countries only so as are all things, make a thorough research first.

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