5 solutions for you to help with your debt problem

How am I supposed to solve my financial problems?

 solve my financial problems
How to solve my financial problems?

Money does matter

How many people said that money can’t buy happiness? Or money is not important. When happiness seems to be far away, as far as the horizon to reach, our burden is real. Losing job, fail to pay school tuitions, empty fridge, unable to repair the house, those situations are real. Money does matter.

In such situation, we will admit to ourselves that we are in financial problems.

This sort of formal term, financial problems, actually covers huge situations from unable to sustain a business, debt, to lack of survival capability to provide our family with food and proper education.

There are many ways to face financial problems in our lives. Some of the fastest ways are asking other family member, friends and community for money. But it’s not easy. Often the barrier was our own pride, while another barrier is lack of our ability to convince other people about our plan to escape from our financial problems. Too much often, people in need will take a longer route to solve their financial problems. Instead of asking, they will try to find immediate income, sells whatever they have: things, skills, their time or seek whatever job without a proper plan.

Use Airfunding

There was a special case of Bianca who used Airfunding. Both Bianca and her mother were having financial problems. Her mother left Brazil for UAE to find a job. Her job quest was not successful, so she decided to move to Pakistan for less living cost, and continue to search for a job there. For more than a year, Bianca’s mother couldn’t make enough saving to go back to her home country, Brazil, while Bianca was having a financial challenge as well. So Bianca opened a crowdfunding project to collect funds enough to buy a ticket for her mother to go back to Brazil.

A crowdfunding project

The project Bianca created was a crowdfunding project. It helped her get out of her and her mother’s financial problems. Crowdfunding is a method where we can ask the crowd, mass user of the internet, for funds.

Bianca’s case had shown that the crowdfunding method could be a solution for complicated financial problems. It could help us to solve our own problem, as well as other’s financial problem. To start a successful campaign, we might need to take a look at some tips on how to start fundraising. Whether we are finding solutions for ourselves, others, our family, our community, or our business, those tips are very useful to help us to become successful with our projects.

Choose a crowdfunding platform

Since there are so many platforms to choose, you might also inquire some tips on how to choose a crowdfunding platform.  The platform Bianca used was Airfunding. It is a unique crowdfunding platform that was created along with an international friendship social media platform,  Airtripp.  Whether you are in financial problems or not, Airtripp is a convenient platform to make friends and build trust in the community.  And, whether you are an Airtripp user or not, you can create a fundraising campaign on Airfunding.

Airfunding also allows its user to share their dreams and get supported financially by the community. It covers fundraising categories such as study abroad, art, travel and immigration. Take a look the success story of Thuy who used Airfunding.

So during good days and even bad days, please remember that we always have people around us who are willing to give us support. Together we can achieve something greater than ourselves.

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