people raising funds", you have to pay attention to the four key points!

Before you raise money with “people raising funds”, you have to pay attention to the four key points!

The crowds have unlimited funding!

The Sun Flower School, which has been highly regarded, is known to the world through fundraising.
The Sun Flower School, which has been highly regarded, is known to the world through fundraising.

I still remember that in order to let the world know about the events in Taiwan, netizens used the Internet as a platform to raise funds to buy the front page advertisement of The New York Times, which was distributed via the Internet and reported by the media. Concentrate the people who have the same ideas and ideas, and then use each person’s collection of small money to accumulate a considerable amount. This is the infinite power exerted by the “people’s fundraising”!

In fact, it’s not just Taiwan’s social movements that are popular with “people’s fundraising”. Today’s more and more entrepreneurs, or designers who want to launch personal products, will realize their ideal. Putting forward your own creations and works on the fundraising platform, whether it is music, film, technology, community building, etc., are common fundraising cases on the fundraising platform. However, the fundraising of the masses is not just about putting the proposal on the Internet, it will be bought by some people. The mode behind it and the initial “proposal content” need to be included, etc., are the key conditions for success.

Before you raise money with “people raising funds”, what are the things you should not pay attention to? What other eyebrows and corners must be strictly checked? Let Xiaobian bring everyone together to understand!

What is crowdfunding?

The fundraising of the masses is to raise funds from the public to execute the project.
Mass fundraising is one of the popular fundraising methods today, raising funds to the public to execute projects.

Definition of Crowdfunding

Before we can formally discuss the details of the “people’s fundraising”, first of all, we must define what is called “people’s fundraising.” The so-called “people fundraising”, the English name Crowdfunding , actually has a similar link with the sharing economy , and is a kind of gimmick.

To put it simply, “people fundraising” is one of the fundraising methods that has emerged in recent years . As the name suggests, it is to raise funds from the masses to execute projects or launch products, and to seek interested supporters, participants, and buyers. By ” sponsorship “, the project can be realized and completed. Usually, the “initiator with ideas” needs venture capital to find the “funders” who are willing to pay through the online platform. Others also use the platform to find sponsors. Object.

The mode of operation of “people fundraising” can be divided into two types.

“All-in-one” or “all-nothing” is often displayed through the Internet, showing and propagating the planning content to the masses, explaining how to mass-produce the products, or how to achieve the planning, and must set the target of raising funds in advance. Within the time limit, the fundraising success is successful, and on the contrary, when the fundraising amount cannot reach the target, the fundraising amount will be returned to the sponsor .

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How can people’s fundraising succeed?

Successful crowdfunding has four key factors that cannot be ignored.
Successful crowdfunding has four key factors that cannot be ignored.

It is important to write the content of the fundraising proposal.

The preparation of the project content is the “key event” of the crowdfunding proposal. If we need to adopt mass fundraising methods to mass produce new products, how can we do it through “writing” and “scheduling”? Even a direct attack on the heart is a matter of hard work! A well-prepared crowdfunding proposal, in preparation for fundraising, we must first imagine the outline of the fundraising sponsors, which is the “target audience” that we often hear. We must first locate and clearly identify the direction of fundraising. The relationship between the audiences can be more conducive to the preparation of fundraising content.

In the next chapter, Xiao Bian will introduce the “four key factors” for the successful fundraising of all people. From the four blocks of expectation, uniqueness, value and publicity, the goal is to “move a group of people” and let People have the motivation to want to sponsor, and what elements should such a proposal have? Let us understand it today!

The four key points that must be paid attention to by the people to raise funds!

Fundraising by the masses, marketing is really important
Fundraising by the masses, marketing is really important

First, do things that make people “expect”

Explain the concept of marketing and marketing. Usually, there are so many products on the market that you should not classify them in detail. As for how to attract the attention of consumers? The unchanging law is to launch a product that meets the needs of consumers , or to create ” new demand ” and expect more to consumers, but this is a new realm! (Almost every marketer will pursue the creation of consumer needs)

Second, presenting the content of the “unique” proposal

There are many ideas and proposals on the platform for crowdfunding. The successful proposals are all in the hearts of the people. It is easy to make people’s eyes shine when they form obvious differences with other proposals. Therefore, when launching new products, how to present proposals The “uniqueness” of the content is definitely a result of many market research improvements!

Third, find out the “value” of the proposal.

A proposal with a vacant appearance cannot be trusted. Especially on the Internet platform, you will not actually touch the other party. If you want to, you will need to describe the content in detail, explain the “value” of the proposal to the sponsor, or even have a society. What kind of changes and benefits, from the inside to guide the sponsors to help you save money, and to present the content and time of each step, if you can, you can find the endorsement guarantee of the professional, you will let the product More credible and persuasive!

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Fourth, don’t forget the importance of trying to “promote”

When your proposal is put on the fundraising platform, it is like a bet, a gambling loss, a youth without regrets, a gamble to win, a lifetime! The risk of crowdfunding is that you can’t be psychic, and you don’t know if your plan really impresses the sponsor. It may have been promoted for a whole month but the results are not good, but each team has only one time for crowdfunding. All that can be done is to prepare well beforehand and work hard to “promote” in order to succeed on the fundraising platform!

You must not miss the trend of crowdfunding!

All the people’s fundraising needs financial support to avoid long-term development.
All the people’s fundraising needs financial support to avoid long-term development.

All the people’s fundraising needs financial support to avoid long-term development.

In any case, we must remember one thing. All the fundraising of the masses requires “sufficient funds” to support the success and realization, and then we can really implement it. A fund-raising proposal sitting in the air-conditioned room may be short-term. It may seem quite fascinating inside, but if you can get support and response from supporters, participants, and buyers in the long run, you can only know when you take the air-conditioned room to accept criticism and advice from others.

The masses are not fools, and the sponsors are not the same. All they want is just to really like your fundraising content, and believe that you have the first feeling that this person gave him. Xiaobian feels that as long as they can do both, then the crowd raises funds. Definitely not a difficult thing to reach!

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