Anwesh’s Fundraising Story: A Dream About Traveling Japan

This is A True Fundraising Story About Traveling Japan

Anwesh needs financial support

Anwesh Pati, a man who is from India has made a story sharing on Airtripp Funding about his dream of traveling to Japan. He needs financial support to achieve his dream to traveling Japan.

He has used the method of crowdfunding to raise funds from people all around the world.

Currently, his project has remaining 51 more days left to get people’s support in achieving his dream of traveling to Japan.

Everyone has their own dreams, right? Similarly to Anwesh that he always dreamt of going to Japan for a long time. He wants to live there someday in the future. But before that, he feels the need to experience that wonderful country in person and learn more about the daily life, unique culture and social behavior of the people. He said that he only experienced Japan behind an electronic screen. He wants his dream to be a reality.

He wants his dream come ture
He wants his dream to be a reality.

Everyone has different interest, like Anwesh as he has been a special attachment to Japan since childhood. He really loves Japanese entertainment and culture in such a high level that he can feel Japan like his second hometown.

One of the ways to know and learn in depth about a foreign culture is from reading books and listening to stories. But this is remarkable for Anwesh where the first thing that attaches his heart for love more Japanese is through the Japanese language during primary school days. Usually, if we look at electronic items like toys, it has multiple languages written in the instruction product. He was fascinated by the Japanese writing system and copied the scripts for fun. Since then he has begun to love Japan.

multiple languages written in the instruction product

His interest in Japan became more profound and closer to Japan when he came across Japanese anime. His first anime was Digimon. It is not just an anime but he was mesmerized by the Japanese theme songs. If you want to know, anime exists in various forms of genres like action, romance, comedy, sports, horror and more. But, one of the series that touched his heart was Crayon Shin-chan. He said that it was so closely related to his life that made him wondered how the lifestyle in Japan? Is it the same with his country? Later on, he took interest in Japanese dramas and he has also been a fan of Japanese music, especially Jpop. All these factors lead him to read and learn more about Japan. He said, the more he knew about Japan, the more he liked it.

His interest in Japan became more profound and closer to Japan

This story begins since he recognizes Airtripp. He was searching for an application on the Play Store that would enable him to make friends from Japan, back in 2015. He came across Airtripp and found out that the developer of Airtripp was from Japan. He thought, there must be having quite many Japanese users on Airtripp. It didn’t disappoint him when he was successfully able to make good friends from Japan at that time. But most of his friends gradually disappeared from social media. He said that if he could go to Japan at that time, he could have strengthened or a least maintained their friendships.

Once his dream to Japan is reached, he would like to utilize this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Fukuoka, Nara, and Kobe. His friends from Japan are also in or around these areas so he can meet them in person for real. He said he would be traveling to Japan not just as a tourist but also as a researcher trying to know more about Japanese culture, living and immerse himself with the environment.

Anwesh's Fundraising Story
Anwesh’s Fundraising Story: A Dream About Traveling Japan

He really wants to get closer to Japan. He is preparing himself to enable him to travel and subsequently live in Japan, as much as possible. In addition, he has acquired the N3 level in the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and planning to achieve the highest level by next year. He is using various websites to gain more information and knowledge about Japan and tour it virtually. Although he already knows many things about Japan is not possible without even visiting it once.

Anwesh is working as a software analyst since November 2017 and his monthly income is $ 250. The cost of living in India and Japan was a huge difference and it is difficult for him to afford to bear the expenses of a trip to Japan alone. He said, “I was surprised to find out that the lunch that I have for $1 per day can cost $10 in Japan”.

Fundraising make Anwesh’s dream come true !

So, he has using crowdfunding that was provided on Airtripp Funding to seize this opportunity to bridge the huge gap in income and expenditure between two countries. He believes that everyone should be able to travel irrespective of their nationality or financial background. So, he really hopes to receive support at least $ 2200 as this trip can cost him well above $ 2700.

He has put details on the needed amount on Airtripp Funding, which includes flight tickets, accommodation for two weeks, transportation, food and other expenses like SIM card, travel insurance and so on. Once he reaches the target price, he will use that funds to explore Japan. He would at least like to be able to visit Japan a few months before the 2020 Olympics begin in Tokyo. It must be awesome with the grand event. So, he did not want to miss this opportunity to take the experience of getting along with Japanese as well as analyzing Japanese culture.

With the support all around the world, he earned $ 503.00 so far.

Currently, he has another 51 more days to collect funds from his friends at Airtripp Funding. He was very grateful and thankful to his friends who helped him at Airtripp Funding for giving him the opportunity to reach his dream of traveling to Japan. Since he has remaining 51 days at Airtripp Funding, why don’t you give support to Anwesh achieve his desired dream for a long time? He is very much looking forward to your help and support.

You can also try to use the method of crowdfunding to raise funds

For those who want to start their project but do not have enough capital, you can also try to use the method of crowdfunding that provided by Airtripp Funding to proceed with your project.

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