Airfunding: 4 Success Crowdfunding Stories in Indonesia in 2021-2022

Airfunding: 4 Success Crowdfunding Stories in Indonesia in 2021-2022

The global spread of COVID-19 hurt the Indonesian economy. The Indonesian tourism industry got the most hit. The best-known beachside resorts and hotels in Bali closed operations during the pandemic. Thus, people’s livelihoods that are dependent on tourists were affected.

A lot of Indonesians have nowhere to earn money for living expenses. Thus, some of the members of the Airfunding community in Indonesia have resorted to crowdfunding. Here are some of the success stories you may get inspired from to crowdfund for your own needs.

Successful Crowdfunding Projects in Indonesia

Timmy, a father of 6

Timmy got caught in a fight and got injured from it. With this incident and the pandemic around, he can no longer go back to the same work and can only do small gardening tasks.

Timmy’s daughter, Nikita, created the crowdfunding campaign in Airfunding for her father. She was at school when she got the surprising call about what happened. She was distraught about it and had no idea what to do – especially for her college tuition. She had to take the matters into her own hands so that she and her siblings get the financial support they need.

With their Airfunding project open for a month, she raised funds amounting to $1,825 (IDR 26,765,541.25). The funds were used for Timmy’s surgery and the family’s daily expenses.

Tour Guide Arta’s Story

The Indonesian government imposed travel restrictions during the pandemic. It affected thousands of tourism workers – leaving them unemployed. Included in these jobless workers is Arta. He has been working for years in the tourism industry to support his two kids and parents living with him. Due to zero tourists coming into Bali, the situation became worse for him financially real fast.

With the help of the Airfunding community, Arta raised funds amounting to $1,325 (IDR 19,437,021.25). His crowdfunding campaign helped him buy food and other necessities for his family.

Ryan’s Journey from Indonesia to the USA

Ryan worked for a cruise company for the last decade before 2020. He lost his job and got stuck in Indonesia for a year during the pandemic. With tourism still down, there are no jobs for him in Bali.

But by the end of 2021, travel restrictions and community lockdowns ease down. Many tourism companies, not only in Indonesia but also around the world, are getting back on their feet. Great opportunities arise for the unemployed because of this. It is when Ryan’s crowdfunding story started.

He did a fundraising campaign in Airfunding for two months. The campaign’s goal was to raise a small amount of money to help him prepare the work documents required by his company.

The donations he received amounted to $873 (IDR 12,806,429.85). The success of his crowdfunding campaign is a turnaround for him and his family.

Fahmi and the Power of the ARMY

Fahmi’s grandmother, Siti, had a leg accident while at home. Living in poverty and the economy still down in Indonesia, Fahmi and his family have no way to get the medical help that Siti needs.

Fahmi knew that crowdfunding would be the best way to raise funds for Siti. He created an Airfunding project and shared his grandmother’s story online. Riding along with the K-Pop trend, he knew that fellow ARMY members are philanthropic and will be a great channel to share his story. Being an ARMY himself, he used social media to reach out to supporters.

After three months, Fami raised $779 (IDR 11,434,979.95). The donations are helpful for his grandmother’s recovery and other medicines needed.

Why does crowdfunding with Airfunding work in Indonesia?

If you live in one of the 17,508 islands of Indonesia, online crowdfunding would be the easiest, fastest, and most effective when raising money remotely. You can reach out for donations from supporters within the Airfunding community from just anywhere in the world. With a click from their phone, donations are transferred to your project fund in just seconds!

There are more Indonesian projects in need of your support. You can also start your crowdfunding project right away!

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