5 Common Myths About Crowdfunding

5 Common Myths About Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an innovative way to raise funds. The rise of crowdfunding in the early 2000s started global communities connecting people with the same vision and values.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a new way to fund different projects – medical assistance, disaster relief, community development, travel fund, school tuition, business capital, pet care, and so much more. It is a method of raising funds with the help of a large number of people. Online crowdfunding platforms made it easier than ever to raise money worldwide with its remote support feature.

But there are some common misconceptions about crowdfunding that may hold you back from taking the next step. In this article, we debunk five popular crowdfunding myths so you can clear your path and raise funds today.

Myth #1: Crowdfunding is only for big companies.

Many people think that crowdfunding is too complicated for small businesses. Thus, they opt to believe that crowdfunding is only for big organizations. In reality, crowdfunding is for startups or even ordinary individuals too! There are now hundreds of thousands of small businesses crowdfunding to raise capital. Small nonprofit organizations use crowdfunding to raise money for their cause.

Myth #2: Crowdfunding is exclusive to the rich.

Not true! Anyone can start a fundraising campaign on crowdfunding platforms like Airfunding. As long as you have a story to tell, funds to raise, valid documents, and a bank account, you can start crowdfunding anywhere, any time. Check out Ana from Mexico and see how she raised more than $13,000 for medical bills.

Myth #3: Crowdfunding is not safe.

The modern digital world has many threats nowadays. Your anti-virus software may no longer be able to cope with keeping your data safe from cyberattacks. In Airfunding, we need to keep our community protected against hackers. Multiple layers of security have been put in place within our platform so your donations get to you safely. You may read more about it from our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Myth #4: Crowdfunding is expensive.

A lot of people say that they cannot afford to raise money. It is a myth! You can open a fundraising project in Airfunding for free! No cash out is needed so you don’t have to worry. An 8% platform fee will be deducted from your donations once your funds are processed for transfer.

Myth #5: I need to have a huge social media network when crowdfunding.

Truly, you don’t. Individuals like Eduardo can tap into a network of supporters through crowdfunding platforms. These could be supporters they cannot get on their own. Airfunding has more than 134,000 supporters worldwide. You can be assured that help will come to your door when you least expect it.

Get funded with Airfunding

Now that those myths are out of the way, get started with your fundraiser in Airfunding now. Airfunding is a donation-based crowdfunding platform. More than 639,000 have told their stories in Airfunding to connect with supporters worldwide.

You can join them too by signing up today!

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