Fundraising Ideas in the Philippines

6 Powerful Online Fundraising Ideas in the Philippines

Flipino household expenses have reportedly surpassed pre-pandemic levels and are growing. Poverty is and will be a long-standing problem in the country affecting 23.7% of the population if this growth continues. In numbers, it’s millions of Filipinos struggling to live day by day.

So how do they cope? Filipinos have resorted to third-party financial assistance to accommodate their necessities. But with the pandemic still present, most have sought help digitally.

Online Fundraising for a Cause

The digital space expanded at the start of the pandemic. Most everyday activities – work, grocery shopping, medical consultations, etc. – have shifted to virtual set-ups. And so does fundraising.

Despite community quarantines, Filipinos have found a way to show bayanihan virtually. Bayanihan is a remarkable Filipino value showing the spirit of civic unity and cooperation among the Filipino community. Here are online fundraising ideas that Filipinos have used to encourage bayanihan and raise funds for a good cause.

No. 6 Online Shopping Proceeds

The popularity gain of TikTok and Instagram Reels has made everyone craftier than ever. Creativity is used to either build their community or business awareness. And you can do it to raise funds too! Get creative and make things that you can sell. Take a video or photo of it, post it online, and remember to caption that payments are to be donated to your chosen cause.

No. 5 Virtual Garage Sale

It’s okay if you’re not a creative genius. If you have things you don’t need lying around at home, why not host a virtual garage sale? Turn those “trash” to cash! Not only will you be fundraising money for your chosen charity, but you get to clean your house as well. You can invite your family and friends to pitch in with their items and auction them off online via Facebook Live or a private Zoom call.

No. 4 Movie Night Virtual Party

Pandemic has stretched social media platforms to provide more experiences that users can enjoy. In 2020, Facebook introduced the Watch Together feature on their Messenger app. So even if your best friend lives in Nigeria, you can still watch your favorite shows together while you’re in Manila. You can do the same for more people if you want to raise funds for your project. Select a good movie that would make those movie-lovers donate to your advocacy. (We recommend a tear-jerker!)

No. 3 Social Media Influencer Pledge

Tapping bloggers, vloggers, and other social media influencers to advocate for your charity is a way to reach a bigger audience instantly. Their huge following is an opportunity for you to spread your message with one post on their profile. Finding the right influencer might be challenging. You need to find one who believes in your cause and would openly donate to it.

No. 2 e-Raffle for Big Wins

Raffle off big ticket items for a cause. Raffling is a mutually beneficial method for both fundraisers and supporters. People will donate more for more chances of winning that latest iPhone or that 40” television. It can be a fun experience while making money for your advocacy. All this while doing everything online.

No. 1. Online Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is an online fundraising method to raise money for a cause. It is one of the easiest ways to get financial support. You will find lots of crowdfunding platforms available in the Philippines where people are willing to donate money to support your cause. One of the top choices is Airfunding.

Fundraising in Airfunding

More than 645,000 individuals and organizations have trusted Airfunding not only from the Philippines but also worldwide! It is an online crowdfunding platform designed to help different causes. You can fundraise for your business, medical needs, education, community, and more. Airfunding provides fundraisers the platform to achieve their financial goals by spreading their advocacy to supporters globally.

Fundraise worldwide. Reach out to supporters beyond your family, peers, and the local community. Airfunding has more than 135,000 supporters globally. Someone somewhere will surely donate to your project.

Diverse community. Airfunding provides an exclusive space to share your campaign. You can publish your story in the language you can express yourself. The site will translate it for you into 17 different languages. You don’t have to worry if the supporter is from Malaysia and does not speak English.

Showcase with photos. On your project page, you can use texts or photos to better explain your campaign. Cham Narciso from the Philippines did just that. The details they have shared on their Airfunding project page helped supporters understand what the fundraiser is for and the donations’ impact on the community. One month was enough for them to raise $1,506 (₱84,802.86) that will be used to buy food for the poor.

Start raising money with Airfunding!

Starting an online fundraising campaign is an experience you will never forget. Now that you have the ideas we have shared, try crowdfunding in Airfunding today. With Airfunding’s tools and online community, you can easily spread the word about your campaign to receive donations. Create your project today!

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