5 Ways to Earn Money Online as a Student

Being a college student on a shoestring budget, unable to afford books, supplies, or other necessities, can be an excruciating experience. Fortunately, there are several ways for you to earn money. You have probably stumbled upon these ideas upon searching how to earn money online for students, but you are still in need of a nudge to actually go for it.

As a student, it is overwhelming to see job descriptions and requirements to fulfill before actually earning. However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying because you will reap the rewards of the time and effort that you’re going to invest.

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Become a tutor

If you’re good in a particular subject and enjoy teaching, then you may offer tutoring services at your school or even outside your school. Consider contacting local schools to see if tutoring is an option, or consider posting on Facebook groups. There are several parents who are ready to spend for their kids who need a little extra academic aid to keep them on track.

Another tutoring option for you if you are well-versed in the English language is to apply as an English as Second Language tutor online. There are several job openings with flexible time schedules which allows you to balance your time while studying. 

Write articles

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Consider blogging to earn money if you’re online a lot and enjoy writing. This will require a lot of effort from your end at the start, but if you can come up with an approach that attracts readers then you can make money through Google Adsense and Amazon Associates’ affiliate program.

Another way to earn by writing articles is looking at Reddit, forums, and other job posting websites where people ask for favors to ghostwrite articles on their behalf. This is a fun way to expand your niche and skills.

Sell stuff

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Do some general cleaning inside your house and try selling clothes that no longer fit you or books that you’ve already read. Aside from saving space in your house, you also earn some bucks at the side.

Another way to do this is by finding a supplier of a specific trending product and resell it in your place. 

Transcribe audios

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There are several transcription jobs that accept students with no experience. If you can type fast, then this is the perfect gig for you. Many industries are looking for people to transcribe audio into text and it doesn’t require that much skill from your end. You just have to listen well and meet the deadline. 

Create a YouTube Channel

You’ll have to be dedicated to making YouTube as an income stream because you have to hit 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours before applying for monetization. This won’t be a problem for you if video production and content creation is your passion.

You may also use your channel to work with brands as their influencer or affiliate. You just have to negotiate with them on your rates in exchange for content on your channel. Some brands or websites require minimal effort.Just by mentioning them in your video or simply adding links in your video descriptions, they will offer you money or a product in exchange. 


Another option for you is to raise funds through crowdfunding platforms. The above-listed ideas take time to raise money. So, if you are really in need of immediate funds, crowdfunding may be the best option for you. You are basically relying on the help of family, friends, academics and strangers to donate towards a cause which is your completion of degree.

You just have to sign up on an online crowdfunding page like Airfunding and promote it to the public. Hopefully, you’ll be able to reach your financial goal with your crowdfunding project while you try out other ways to contribute in some way towards your target money.

If you wish to start a fundraisers for nonprofits with no frills, then create a project by clicking here.

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