Increase alms, donating in the mosque tubes or crowdfunding websites provided.

How to spend the last days of Ramadhan al-kareem?Maybe it’s a good idea through the crowdfunding website.

Understandably, staying only a few days later Ramadhan al-Kareem will close the curtain. It is my heart to leave Ramadhan al-Kereem, which is a noble month, grace, wealth and happiness for Muslims. All of our practices performed in the month of Ramadhan al-Kareem will be multiplied by the reward. However, we still have the opportunity to scramble for the benefit of the blessed month this year. Here, there are some sharing that we can practice together with generating a reward in Ramadhan al-Kareem, practicing the following practices through crowdfunding website.

1. Increase alms, donating in the mosque tubes or crowdfunding websites provided.

9 Benefits of Sedaka, Creep Image by Baitulmaal BMT Muamalat
donating in the mosque tubes or crowdfunding websites provided.

Alms is a gift that is done sincerely without being limited by a certain amount in order to draw closer to God and to help those in distress. There are many benefits we can get when we give charity, like the diagram above. Alms can be carried out in various ways such as donating in the mosque tubes or crowdfunding websites provided.

2. To pay Zakat Fitrah to donate

Zakat Firah, Image credits by MYSumber

Zakat fitrah is obligatory on all individuals from the mosque, women, old people who have excess or enough expenditure until the feast day. Zakat fitrah is as a purifying person who fasts from doing bad and bad deeds to be used as a need for asnaf at 1 Shawwal. So, do not forget to pay zakat fitrah according to the payment rate of all states in Malaysia in 2019.

3. Perform Endowment or donation

Three Principles of Treasury Property Management, Image Credit by Waqf House
Perform Endowment or donation

Islam advocates wakaf practice, a facility for the people to receive blessings by maintaining the wealth of God. Waqf is different from ordinary charity as the wakaf reward will continue to flow as long as the treasured item is used for the benefit of the local community as God promises the eternal rewards for wakaf practice. Waqf can be carried out in cash or in traditional involving the provision of permanent assets to the public.

So, this open space should be beneficial to Muslims in this blessed month of Ramadhan al-Kareem to contribute in the form of an additional charity, zakat payment and practice waqf in cash or permanence. This practice will indirectly benefit the less fortunate even to the local community. Not only that, by practicing these practices, we are able to cleanse the property from illegal sources or syubhah where we are independent of the liability of the affected property. So, let’s take the opportunity in this glorious month of Ramadhan al-Kareem by practicing it.

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