5 Top Crowdfunding Platforms in Brazil

If you’ve ever walked along the streets of Brazil, you would see all colors of the rainbow left and right. After World War I and after claiming its independence from Portugal, Brazil tried to recover its cultural identity through art. Artists of different genres – painting, sculpting, literature, visual arts, music, and more – have fought critics for decades. It paved the way for what we know today as Brazilian art.

However, in the last years, the decline in the economy has threatened the growth of this sector in Brazil. Thus, many Brazilian artists have resorted to crowdfunding to financially enable their projects and social advocacies. Here are the top crowdfunding platforms where some Brazilian art projects have started.


Kickante has been created with the Brazilian community in mind. They provide a platform for projects with social causes that benefit the community. The crowdfunding platform has flexible features to keep the artist at ease while raising funds for the project. It includes flexibility in goal setting, project duration, payment forms, and more. But, do keep in mind that Kickante charges a 6% platform fee on raised funds.


Catarse has dedicated its crowdfunding platform to creators from Brazil. Projects related to the arts only are welcome to fundraise via this site. They offer help to up-and-coming artists on how, when, and where they can kick off their projects. Artists will go through a rigorous but worthwhile process to get funding for their creative projects. This process is the reason for the high platform fee of 13% that they charge on raised funds.


Benfeitoria is open to projects with cultural, social, economic, and environmental impact. The company prides itself on being the first in Brazil to offer free commission, recurring payments, and fund matching. In its lifetime, a total of $4 million have been raised for all projects mounted on the platform. They also charge a 4.5% fee on raised funds.


GoGetFunding gets much of the attention of different artists or creators in Brazil to fund their projects. With its platform open worldwide, there is little chance for projects to stand out with so many artists wanting to get the attention of supporters. Donations received will be charged with a 6.9% platform fee.


Airfunding is a donation-based crowdfunding platform open to supporters worldwide. More than 600,000 individuals have trusted Airfunding to finance their projects. With its free registration and easy project creation, more than 20,000 projects related to the arts have been funded globally, including Brazil. Not only is Airfunding open to artists, but it is available for crowdfunding for medical, disaster relief, education, and more.

Get inspiration by reading success stories from the Airfunding community here. There are more tips you can enjoy via the Airfunding blog.

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