What is the meaning of charity?

Charity: What is the meaning of it, and how to do it?

Charity is a way to show love to people and to help others who are incapable of helping themselves.

A charity can be taken as helping the needy or the poor in times of their need which can be done individually or through an organization. An individual can show charity by, on his/her own volition, decide to give provide for the needs of the poor which can be food, clothing or shelter. A charity is also seen as an organization who caters for the welfare of individuals who are incapable of taking care of themselves and the organizations majorly use donations from people to run the place. The act of charity has been in existence for years and is needed for societies to aid the poor or those who have no home.

A charity can be done by using your time and resources to achieve the desired result. Charity is like giving back to the society using your skills and resources through volunteering services which varies.

In the process of engaging in charity works offering your services by volunteering, one will be able to benefit through the following:

  • It helps to expand your network base by making new friends and contacts thereby increasing shared activity. Your family can also be involved by letting them know the importance of doing volunteering work that will be beneficial in the lives of others not capable of taking care of themselves.
  • It helps with the state of mind because once you are in the midst of people who care for each other makes you happy thereby increasing your level of confidence.
  • It can help in improving your skills because rendering your services is inclusive of using skills to promote the charity work thereby raising more funds.
  • It helps in exploring different interest and passion which can be fun.

A charity can be done through the following ways:

  • You can help a stranger who is in need by providing food, clothes, or even shelter as the case may be and this will go a long way in helping the poor or the needy who are not capable of taking care of themselves. Your family can also be of assistance by teaching your children what it means to help a stranger who cannot fend for themselves and how to help such people in times of need.
  • You can create time for charity work. This can be done through offering your services in the homeless shelter, partaking in a charity walk and partaking in charity events that will invariably contribute to the welfare of the needy ones.
  • You can train others by using your everyday skills to contribute to the charitable organizations that need specialized skills.
  • You can also go about engaging in charity work by creating awareness on the importance of giving. Encouraging people in the society can promote the act of giving which can be through the sale of raffle tickets or using social media, which is the fastest means, in creating more awareness on the importance of giving especially to the poor or motherless.
  • Donation is also a means of engaging in charity work which can be money, blood for the red cross society that is free, credit cards rewards, tax refunds or gifs, especially during festivals. Donating to the charitable organizations helps in taking care of the welfare of those in need hence ensuring that the needs of these individuals are taken care of. Donations that are given as cash will help in the reduction of tax being paid since it is for the sole purpose of charity work. You can also consider crowdfunding.
The importance of Charity should be thought to childrens too, image source: The Life You Can Save

Charitable organizations

who are saddled with these responsibilities are non-profit organizations who offer humanitarian services and other activities that are beneficial to society. The administration of a charitable organization varies from country to country but do have a common purpose of taking care of those in the society who are not able to fare for their needs.

The issue of tax will always arise because a charitable organization is still an organization though not for the purpose of making and for rendering humanitarian services. The profit of a charitable organization is exempted from tax because even the tax authorities to encourage the act of giving and their sole aim is not to make a profit but for charity.

Charity is very beneficial to society and this needs to be encouraged as this has helped people in need and will still help others. Though time is of the essence in our daily activities we need to create time to render our services for the benefit of people who are in need.

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