Is Airfunding a trustworthy crowdfunding platform?

Crowdfunding has become an indispensable tool for raising funds for a wide range of purposes, including new product launches, medical debt, scientific research, and even personal projects. However, with so many different types of crowdfunding sites available today, you may be wondering which one will best suit your specific requirements.

Different people have varying considerations and factors that they look into. Read more about these specific factors and assess if Airfunding is your choice of crowdfunding platform.


Based on the paper of Zhao and his colleagues, it is crucial that funders’ trust and commitment are established in order to increase the interests of the funder in investing in crowdfunding platforms. One way to do this is by building a strong community.

It is worth noting that Airfunding has a wide community from over 200 countries. Airfunding allows communication to the project owner by providing their details on the project page since mutual communication is vital for the funders and the project owner for seamless transactions.

In addition to this, Airfunding does not simply collect funds on behalf of project owners for we remain accountable to all the funders by providing constant updates on how the fund was utilized. Blog writers and PR team of Airfunding always try to keep in touch with project owners during the launch of the project and even after the collection of funds.

The commitment of Airfunding to create blog posts to guide its users and to provide updates for the project details is part of the effort to create a strong community and operate on the culture of trust.

Website Features


Apart from the blog posts and regular updates, projects are also translated into 17 different languages which provide all funders the ease of understanding what they’re funding. Hence, this lessens the possibility of scams as the website is available in 17 languages, and staff who can communicate in English, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, etc. is always available to assist you, so you can use the platform with confidence.

Furthermore, the contact details of Airfunding are posted on the website. If you have any concerns, then you may contact them via phone or email:

+1 630-708-7726 (Monday to Friday, from 14:00 to 18:00 JST)

On top of this, you may also check the Frequently Asked Questions page of Airfunding where the common concerns of project owners and founders can be found with answers coming in from the staff of Airfunding.

In terms of handling data and information, Airfunding assures that information is used only for crowdfunding purposes and these details are also laid out on the Privacy Policy published on the official website of Airfunding.

Fee Structure

For any crowdfunding platform, fee structure and collection of funds raise the most suspicion.

Some of the usual concerns of project owners are:

They cannot receive the full amount of funds they collected at the end of the project

In Airfunding, you are assured that you will receive the collected fund in full amount on or before the completion of the project. However, a commission fee of 8% of the collected amount is charged to the project owner for the expenses for transferring the collected amount such as credit card settlement fees, bank transfer fees, and the like.

This is not to be confused as a fee for posting the project since Airfunding platform fee is 0. Any individual is welcome to post as long as their identity is validated.

They want to receive the fund before project completion

This is possible in Airfunding. Project owners may request a withdrawal of the collected funds even if the project is still ongoing, as long as the following conditions are met:

・The amount collected so far is $100 or higher.
・The project owner has withdrawn less than the 50% of the collected support so far.

If you want to request a withdrawal, please go to My Project page and search for the option Withdrawal application for support.

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