Airfunding launched its Airfunding CARES campaign in the Philippines.

As the Philippines is currently battling the after-effects of the destructive typhoons Rolly and Ulysses Airfunding, a global donation-based crowdfunding platform recently launched its company-sponsored charity drive named Airfunding Cares,  to help people affected by natural calamities and the global pandemic crisis. A recent relief effort was sent to Cagsawa, Daraga, Albay in the Philippines to help families hard hit by typhoon Rolly. Airfunding sent “Care Packs” to more than 100 families and distributed bread among young children in the streets leading to the area.

“These typhoons are devastatingly destructive, and our hearts goes out to millions of affected. Although our effort may not be enough, we are trying our best effort to bring in more help through donations from our millions of supporters across the globe”

Airfunding Cares is committed to raising $ 10,000 to help more people in the Philippines especially the Cagayan and Tuguegarao province who suffered the most because of the flooding brought about by typhoon Ulysses.

Typhoon Rolly, the strongest typhoon in the world for 2020, and typhoon Ulysses, the worst typhoon in 2020 battered the Philippines recently leaving hundreds of areas submerged in flood, thousands of people homeless, and countless are hungry. The devastation made even worst by the current pandemic.

A significant number of families lost their homes because of the flash floods and mudflows from Mayon Volcano and other mountains. The most affected families face the risk of exposure to COVID19 and other diseases due to overcrowding in evacuation centers.

There is a current shortage of food and other supplies in the Philippines. The current situation cannot be handled by the government alone as funds are depleted because of coronavirus.

There are a lot of children and families who are vulnerable that is why Airfunding is making initiatives to help provide assistance by bringing them food, basic necessities, and hygiene kit including masks and face shields. The money raised will help buy “CARE packs” which will be distributed in hard-hit areas in the Philippines.

Your small donation can help bring food and joy to their tables.

Donate Now and spread the word and bring hope to the people in the Philippines.

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