5 Successful Fundraising Projects in Turkey in 2021-2022

Airfunding: 5 Successful Fundraising Projects in Turkey in 2021-2022

Airfunding is a community of everyday heroes. They are ordinary human beings who have helped strangers worldwide however small their donations are. Today we celebrate them for the success of these fundraising projects in Turkey.

Crowdfunding Projects for Pets

Ulyana’s Cat

While walking along the streets of Turkey, Ulyana found an orphaned cat in 2018. She took it in and took care of it for three years. By the end of 2021, the cat fell sick and was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). It is a viral disease in cats caused by certain strains of a virus called the feline coronavirus. The disease can be cured if the medicine is taken regularly. With the help of Airfunding heroes worldwide, Ulyana raised $1,262 (₺356.37). The fundraising provided medication for the cat good for more than a month.

Mia, The Warrior Cat

Mia is from Eskisehir, Turkey fighting for her life. Like Ulyana’s cat, Mia was also diagnosed with FIP. Together with her cat mom, they created a fundraising project in Airfunding to raise funds for medical bills, medicines, and more. Airfunding heroes have donated a total of $1,284 (₺362.58). In three months, Mia was able to pay for the medication with the help of the Airfunding community.

Medical Projects

Baby Aybar and the fight against SMA

Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an inherited disease that affects nerves and muscles. It causes muscles to become weak. Baby Aybar has Type 1, a very severe case of SMA. Infants with SMA Type 1 have difficulty swallowing and sucking. With the help of his dad, an Airfunding project was created. They needed to fundraise for the gene therapy of Aybar. In three months, the Airfundng community of heroes raised $1,290 (₺364.28) for Aybar’s medication.

Nabil’s Road to Recovery

Nabil needed help to recover from an accident that caused him an injury to his jaw and teeth. His medical insurance could not cover the expenses for the surgery he needed. With a loving community behind him, they created a fundraising project in Airfunding. And less than a month, they received donations with a total amount of $1,530 (₺432.05). Their story is a remarkable accomplishment for the Airfunding community and for the benefit of Nabil.

Community Projects

Kemal’s Family

Kemal Badalov is a guard at the Söğüt District Police Department. While driving a tractor one day, he lost control of the machine and was injured. The first respondents on the scene took him to the hospital where he died despite the medical interventions provided. Due to this unfortunate incident. Kemal left a family behind who needed financial support for their daily needs. The Airfunding community came together to donate $8,810 (₺2,487.83) within one month. This big donation will surely help his wife and kids as they recover from the loss.

There are more stories in Airfunding where our community of heroes donating and sending their help from all over the world helped make a fundraising project successful. You can be one of the heroes to help a family in need in Turkey today. Head over to Airfunding.net and find a project you would like to help out with.

On the other hand, the Airfunding community is always looking for individuals who need heroes to help them out. If you have a project you want to raise money for, create an Airfunding project here!

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