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Hello, everyone who has seen this note. Here’s an intern. The rainy season is over and the weather will continue to be bad, but I hope I can spend every day with a happy heart! Now, this is the third time we introduce NGOs, so we will introduce Faith Angels Ministry in Uganda!

Facts About Uganda

It takes about 17 hours from Uganda to Japan. Uganda’s official name is the Republic of Uganda, located in the center of the African continent. The area of the country is roughly the same as Japan’s Honshu, with a population of 42.72 million. English, Swahili and Luganda are spoken as official languages, but because they are made up of various ethnic groups, they have various languages. Africa has a lot of ethnic groups!

Uganda’s per capita GDP is $776.8. Japan’s GDP is about $40,146, so I think you can see the economic difference from the figures.

In Uganda, where Faith Angels Ministry is active, more than 21 million people have not been able to obtain safe water. Water is a precious resource that supports our lives, and we always need water to live. In fact, water is essential in daily life because about 65% of the adult body is water. However, if it is not clean and safe water, it can cause diarrhea, dehydration can occur and life can also be lost. Sanitation, including water, is a major issue in Uganda.

The low enrollment rate in children’s education is also a problem. There are many children in Uganda who have not finished primary and secondary education due to poverty. In addition, there are many orphans in Uganda, and more than 2.2 million people in Uganda.

Faith Angels Ministry Mission and Vision

Poverty prevents us from drinking safe water, and we don’t have the education we want. In order to improve the current situation of people who are weak in their social position and unable to live sufficiently, Faith Angels Ministry is working on the mission of creating a society where people can escape from poverty by creating an “education and health environment”. We have set a long-term vision to create an independent community free from poverty, and we have established Face Angels Nursery & Primary School to provide educational opportunities. Currently, 193 children study hard every day. The blue school uniform is very cute! Now we are also considering adding more schools to increase student acceptance.

It also takes about 60 minutes to get to a place where you can drink safe water, which is very inconvenient. For that reason, we are running a project to improve the environment for drinking clean water through Airfunding. If the project is successful, not only the school but also the surrounding community will be able to secure safe water.

“If we have the opportunity to get a good education, we have the opportunity to grasp the future for these children,” says the founder of the NGO. Education is a great investment to brighten the future country. Faith Angels Ministry continues to support children in their future. We hope you will support us!

So, please have a nice day again! ✨

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